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Judge Puts A Price On Stay-At-Home Mom's Job

A judge in Argentina ordered aman to pay $179,000 to his ex-wife who was a stay-at-home mom. Blanca Cobb talks about the implications of his ruling.

We'll all heard that a stay-at-home mom's job is undervalued. And that's exactly what a judge in Argentina determined. The judge ordered a man to pay his ex-wife $179,000 for her 27 years as a stay-at-home mom. Even though this case was decided in Argentina, it spotlights a constant argument here in the U.S. about stay-at-home parents. 

The court ruling gives validity that there's a dollar amount for a stay-at-home parent's job. As you know, it isn't a paid position, but a very valuable job for the health of the family and for the parent who works. The stay-at-home parent who takes care of the children and upkeep of the home and running errands - allows the parent who works to work worry free because kids and home life is taken care of. 

The dependent spouse gets alimony, but normally it's with resentment from the working ex-spouse. This case highlights that there is a monetary value to stay-at-home spouses work. It's a message to working ex-spouses that stay-at-home spouses have allowed them to grow their career by taking care of the kids and the home. And the alimony that they pay is warranted and allows the ex-stay-at-home spouse time to get on their feet financially. 

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