This sounds like a harmless conversation: "Hello, how you doing, young lady? I'm with city water works, I'm doing some work next door and we hit a line."

Problem is, the conversation you're having isn't with a city worker. A homeowner caught the entire exchange with his doorbell camera.

"You're doing what?"

"I'm doing some work right next door.."

"Show me your license, please, your driver's license."

"What for, sir?

"I've got you on camera, I want to be sure that i know who you are. And where's your uniform?"

 "My uniform? This isn't my uniform, I'm a supervisor sir."

The "city worker" doesn't have his wallet to show ID. He's also not wearing a uniform. Are you starting to get the feeling he's not who he says he is? Good. Because this is a common scam. 

Here's how it works: they convince you they are a worker of some sort. They then convince you to let them inside to check something. They distract you while their scamming partner sneaks in and steals your stuff.

What you need to know: If a worker shows up at your front door--- don't let them in. Remember, city workers or any utility workers  will always be in uniform and always be willing to show you their ID. And they won't show up unannounced, asking to come inside.