GREENSBORO, N.C. — Nadia Muhammad is a sophomore at Triad Math and Science in Greensboro.

When asked about herself, Nadia sounds like any other teen (kind of), "I play volleyball, I like to volunteer, I like to code, I like learning about science, I do a lot of stuff! I really do."

What's most unique about Nadia is that she started taking college classes at North Carolina A&T when she was 14 years old and took her first credit hours this past fall.

She's now 16, and was accepted to Harvard for summer school where she will be taking 8 credit hours for seven weeks this summer.

Nadia's mom says she knew from the beginning there was something special about her.

"They studied her at UNCG in the psychology department because they were trying to figure out how this little girl who wasn't even 1 years old could speak in full and complete sentences," Muhammad said.

Speaking with Nadia, you quickly realize she's ahead of the game.

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"For the fall, I signed up for a math class and a criminology class… I think I'm going to love it!," she said.

Harvard sounds great and all, but Nadia has dreams to end up a little further down the road from the prestigious school.

"My dream school is MIT," she explained. "I would love to go there and study computer science."

And while Nadia's resume is impressive, she knows that she has a long way to go and wants to enjoy the ride.

"I take it day by day, because there's something new I wanna do, but I'm always up for the challenge," she said.

Her family has started a GoFundMe to help fund her summer program tuition and fees. 

Mitchell says they previously raised $7,000 towards her tuition, room and board, but need another $8,000 for other program costs and expenses.

"You will not be sorry you helped!" her mother says.

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