CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Chris Sanders sits in a walker, crutches propped against the side of his home, wincing as he bends down to remove a leg brace and inspect his swollen ankle.

"I'm in too much pain. I can't even stand up," Sanders says, taking a final puff on a cigarette.

Sanders was one of five people injured by a hit-and-run driver Sunday night.

"We were just standing right there by my friend's house," Sanders gestures to the area in front of the home next door.

Sanders' friend Armontie Moore and her 2-year-old twin son and daughter were standing a few feet away from him.

All of a sudden, a silver SUV sped in their direction.

"The driver got over like it wasn't fixing to hit us and then just turned into us," he says. "It drug the babies-- the mother, she broke both of her legs."

Sanders says the vehicle never stopped. CMPD investigators are still looking for the driver.

"If you were a responsible person you would turn yourself in, but I know ain't nobody gonna do that," he says.

Altogether, the driver hit five people.

The toddlers were taken to the hospital in serious condition. As of Monday afternoon, their condition was unknown. Their mother was treated and released from the hospital.

Sanders hopes the driver is caught.

"Somebody could have lost their life," he says.