Easy cooking with just ingredients and stirring. Sounds like the perfect solution for a person in a hurry who wants a delicious snack. The small device is called the Just Pop It! Snack Maker. Question is, does it really do what it claims?

The little snack pot claims it lets you cook, stir, and mix all at the same time. You turn the handle and pop food into what is called the "snack hatch."

Chef Vance Ely with Central Market Cooking School tested it out.

"There are so many moving parts. And how do you get it clean," wondered Ely.

The chef melted butter in the pot, locked down the lid and started adding marshmallows and cereal.

"When you put the Rice Krispies into an open pot and mix it around, they fly out," said Ely.

The snack maker blended everything together effortlessly and the sticky concoction didn't stick to the pot. Next, Ely tried out popcorn. He melted butter, coconut oil, then added kernels and began stirring to get things popping. What he ended up with is a delicious batch of popcorn.

For the final test, Ely tried cooking eggs.

"Oh my gosh," exclaimed Ely. "That is a beautiful, beautiful mess of eggs. They came out beautiful and fluffy."

No doubt about it. The 2 test was a success. The snack maker is legit.

Just Pop It Snack Maker
Just Pop It Snack Maker