GREENSBORO, N.C. - You read that right. 750 big ones back to a disabled veteran in Maryland all thanks to the 2 Wants To Know (2WTK) Call For Action volunteers.

The veteran shopped at the Rooms To Go in Greensboro hoping to furnish a room in his home. He has family here that recommended he buy all at once rather than individually. He had his eyes on the prize of an all leather living room set.

On the delivery, the set that came off the truck was bonded leather, instead of genuine leather. 5 years later, he still is unhappy with it.

He had contacted Rooms To Go asking for a full refund of $5,000. Even though that probably wasn't going to happen, he still felt he deserved something in return.

That's when he reached out to Call For Action volunteers. Self proclaimed "Newbie", Roseanne Barrows, took on the case.

Although she knew he wanted the full $5,000 back, she worked with the company to get a reasonable refund back. After a few weeks of back and forth with the local store and later their parent company, Roseanne was able to retrieve a refund of $750 for the veteran.

"Telling him was the best part - hearing his voice a little relieved", she said.

This is what Call For Action is all about. Working with businesses and consumers to find a common ground on an issue they're having. Roseanne and the rest of the Call For Action volunteers say this is a passion for them and it means a lot to be able to help people.

Do you have a consumer problem? Our Call For Action volunteers are here 2 days a week or you can submit a complaint anytime online, just click here.