Yup. It’s THAT time again. Valentine’s Day season is the time to pay more for a dozen roses than you do all year long.

But this deal from Costco is a DEAL. They’re offering 50 roses for $50…delivered. That is an obscene amount of flowers. An almost embarrassing display of affection.

2WTK looked at how the Costco deal compares with other flower deals.


50 stems for $50 bucks

No vase

No other greenery

Box delivery

Shipping is free

Non-members pay $2.50 surcharge


12 stems for $75 ($89 if delivered)

Includes vase

Includes greenery


24 stems for $29.99

Includes a vase

Fees total at least $21

Total will be at least $50.99

The Costco deal is “while supplies last”. The delivery dates are February 9th, 13th or 14th and you need to place your order by February 10th if you want them delivered by Valentine’s Day.

Right now you can get them in yellow, red, a mix of light and dark pink, white or a mix of red and white.