An info-graphic is making the rounds on social media.

It lists every state and the number of overdose deaths in 2015 - North Carolina is seventh highest on the list.

It doesn't list where the stats came from, but the CDC says the information is accurate.

Info-graphic about overdose deaths circulating on Facebook. 
Info-graphic about overdose deaths circulating on Facebook. 

The CDC also said North Carolina is one of the states that saw an increase in overdose deaths.

In Guilford County, opioid and heroin overdoses are a major problem.

Guilford County EMS says they've already run roughly 500 overdose calls this year alone, and 50 people have died because of heroin.

In the past month, Guilford County documented 150 uses of Narcan, and some overdose victims need more of it depending on the drug they used.

Guilford County EMS Deputy Director Kyle Paschal says the increased use of Narcan comes with a cost.

"With the newer fentanyl heroin combinations, those patients require more Narcan to reverse the effects of the overdose than we've historically seen. The problem with that is we're using so much Narcan now that the cost of Narcan, if we compare it to two years ago, has gone up ten-fold," said Paschal.

Guilford County EMS says right now, it's paying about $40 per dose of Narcan.