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A solution to lost luggage?

More and more travelers are using Apple's Air Tags to find their luggage, but is it a 100% solution?

GREENSBORO, N.C. — You know what it’s like, waiting for your luggage to come around on the conveyer belt. Not seeing your luggage and not knowing where it is, is never a good feeling.

Recently a viewer asked us about this.  

I was watching a national news piece about using air tags in luggage, showing the mounds of lost luggage. Ok so I can locate my luggage, does that mean I’m gonna get it? Before I invest in 8 tags for 4 people.  –Sandy

An Air Tag is an Apple device, it’s about the size of a quarter.
You put it in your luggage, on your keys, I have one on my dog. It uses the Apple network to give the device and whatever is attached to it a location.

It's $29 for an air tag, so if Sandy is buying eight tags, it's $232. So, will knowing the location help her get her luggage? Maybe.

My husband uses an Air Tag to track his luggage. He took a picture this morning. He's the blue dot. You can see the luggage in the grey circle, it looks like it's being loaded on a plane.

The tracking gives him a time stamp on it as well as the picture location.  On more than one occasion, the airline wasn't sure where his bag was, but he was able to pinpoint a location and the airline was able to have a handler grab it and get it going where it needed to go.

That’s not always going to happen. You're depending on the airline to do what it needs to do, but at least you know where your bag is. It’s the only way for you to have any control over your checked bag.


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