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AARP reveals six ways to know your stimulus check is real

AARP looked at the stimulus checks to reveal 6 of their security features.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It looks like a stimulus check, but is it? AARP just released a video showing the things to look for to make sure your stimulus check is in fact the real thing and doesn't just look like it.

There are six key security features AARP points out: Treasury seal, bleeding ink, microprinting, watermark, ultraviolet overprinting, and the President’s name (not his signature).

Whether you are one of the millions getting a check for the first or second time, or not, knowing the security features in the check is cool.

Check out the line underneath all the writing. At first glance, it looks like a line but if you put a magnifying glass up to it, you'll see it says “USAUSAUSA” over and over again in microprint.

Credit: AARP

Turn on a black light and you’ll see another security feature. The Treasury Seal is on the left-hand side and the words “Fiscal Service” run together over and over for four lines total. There is a seal on the right side.

Credit: AARP