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Those customer service calls from Amazon aren't real

A Triad woman got a call from "Amazon" and thought she was avoiding fraud.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Boxes at the door. It’s a common sight, whether it’s the holidays or not.
We order things online. So, if something is wrong with your order, you'd want to know, but is Amazon going to call you?

No... Not with the millions of packages they're dealing with. (And side note, Microsoft isn’t going to call you either and neither is the IRS)

But a Triad woman did get a call. The caller claimed they were from Amazon and wanted to know if she had bought a certain product because it was expensive. When she said no, the caller said it must be fraud and they would fix it. And then the caller said for your trouble, they would give you a gift card.  The caller said they just needed to credit her account with the gift card was her login and password and the card she used for her account.  Of course. The next thing she knew, all kinds of things she never ordered were being charged to her credit card!

This can happen with any kind of company...amazon, your credit card, your bank. Here's the take-a-way:

*Unsolicited calls are always a red flag

*You should never have to give your login and password or card number to the company calling- -they know it.

*Anytime you get a call or email, always look the phone up yourself or go to your account and figure it out from there.