Another study and another new revelation. This time the headlines claim multivitamins and supplements are a waste of money. So is it true? It's a little more complicated than that.

The research was published in the American Heart Association Journal. They looked at 18 studies on multivitamins that tracked more than 2 million people for an average of 12 years. The found that the supplements don't prevent heart attacks, strokes, and cardiovascular death. Their effect on things like energy and joint health was not the focus of this study.

There is some additional helpful information. Supplements aren't certified by the FDA. So just because you got a supplement from a store shelf doesn't mean it's safe for everyone. Dr. Erin Michos, a cardiologist with John Hopkins University, says an estimated 2,300 people wind up in emergency rooms every year due to negative effects from different supplements.

Supplement trade group, The Council for Responsible Nutrition, released a statement about the report. They say their products are meant to fill nutritional gaps and are quote "not intended to serve as magic bullets"