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Are you still waiting for the $335 extra credit payment from NC?

The last of the payments were sent out by mail December 30, 2020.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The check is in the mail. It's a famous saying that has come to mean, you should doubt the check is in the mail!

A 2 Wants To Know viewer wrote:
“I never received the $335 stimulus that was supposed to be out by December 15th for parents of at least one dependent.
Do you know what I should do to check on this?”

North Carolina sent out a $335 extra credit grant to help families with remote learning and childcare expenses. Every family with at least one child under the age of 16 would get a check. Those families could use the money any way they wanted.

The Department of Revenue confirms:
“All checks to qualifying individuals who either were automatically eligible or applied for the grant were mailed by December 30, 2020. So, some might still be in the mail system.”

If you don’t receive the payment by January 15, 2021, call the NC DOR 877-252-3052. A spokesperson for the NCDOR said the legislature is discussing extending the program for those who did not receive the grant, but it requires new legislation.  

The Department of Revenue issued more than 1,118,478 checks at $335 a piece for a total payout of $374,690,130.

Here are the eligibility requirements from the NCDOR page:

The grant amount is $335.00 total for each eligible individual, even if the individual has two or more qualifying children.

  • NCDOR will award a grant to eligible individuals who report at least one qualifying child (age 16 or younger) on their 2019 state individual income tax return; spouses who file a joint state return count as one individual.
  • Eligible individuals who have filed their state return and reported at least one qualifying child do not need to take any action to receive the grant. 
  • An individual who did not file a 2019 state tax return solely because the individual’s gross income for the 2019 taxable year did not exceed the state filing requirements for the individual’s filing status (generally $10,000 per year if single and $20,000 per year if married) could apply for the grant through October 15, 2020 under the legislation. Under a November 6, 2020 court order, the deadline to apply was extended to December 7, 2020.
  • An applicant must have met all requirements referenced in the law, including having at least one qualifying child age 16 or younger for the 2019 calendar year, to apply for the grant.


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