A federal judge has approved the $85 billion mega-merger of telecommunications giant AT&T and Time Warner. The deal is a major game changer in what is becoming an ever-changing media landscape.

The merger could just be the latest deal of media consolidation as big companies re-shape how consumers pay and watch streaming TV and movies.

A federal judge approved the merger despite opposition from the federal government. By giving the deal, the green light U.S. District Judge Richard Leon basically didn’t believe the merger was bad for consumers.

The Trump Justice Department had argued the billion-dollar merger would adversely impact consumers by lessening competition in cable and satellite TV and jack up costs to customers. The merger is a stinging defeat to the federal government who vigorously fought to block the deal.

It is unclear right now but many experts believe the merger will have a trickledown effect and customers could see a rate hike at some point.

This deal is just the latest as media and telecommunications giants try and compete against each other. Experts believe more mergers are coming and the next domino to fall could be FOX, as both Disney and Comcast have shown significant interest in acquiring the media and movie distribution company.