GREENSBORO, N.C. — Imagine you've found the perfect hotel for your vacation. It's got beautiful rooms, it's right by the ocean or the mountains or the city, it checks off all the boxes.  

But when you check out  from your stay-- you get hit with all kinds of charges called "resort fees." It's happening to a lot of people around the country.
And at least one chain is getting sued. The attorney general for Washington D.C. announced this week that he filed suit against Marriott international. 

This follows an investigation by attorneys general in all 50 states and D.C. The suit seeks to force Marriott to advertise their true prices and provide relief to affected consumers.

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So until that suit is settled, check with the hotel before you book. Even though you see the price on the web site, call them to get a full tally of fees and ask about waivers for services you'll never use

Look out for things like parking fees, safe fees, and online booking fees. There's a whole website where you can check specific hotels for what kind of fees they charge.

There's also a website you can go and check fees ahead of time. Find it at this link.

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