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Be Careful With Those Back-To-School Photos

The photos are a tradition. But you need to be careful about what you upload to social media.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Kids are already on their way back to school in the triad. And you may want to snap some pictures and share them. The kids are cute and it's a tradition. But that picture you shared probably gives away your child's school, their grade, their age and much more.

Here are several things you should never post if your child.

Don't post their current location. That innocent photo in front of their home could expose street signs, house numbers, and addresses. That could expose them to identity theft and even kidnapping.

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That's the same reason you shouldn't share personal identifiers. The birthday photo is fine but maybe don't post it on their actual birthday or skip posting their age in favor of just the celebration.

And those bath time or beach photos may be cut, but never ever post photos of your child in a state of undress. Online predators and pedophiles scour the internet for those photos.

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You also need to think of your child's future when it comes to those photos. Avoid posting photos of your child sick or their first time using the potty. Those things could embarrass them in the future. And once they're online they can't be taken back.

And avoid posting any tantrums, behavioral struggles, or poor grades. Again, those photos can stick around forever. Future employers will comb social media before employing them and you want them to look as good as possible.

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