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Make a dish and win $400 at the Carolina Classic Fair

The Carolina Classic Fair has several food contests, including this one with Appalachian Mountain Brewery.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Winner, winner, chicken dinner. That's the saying, but in this case, it's which cooks used beer in their dish best at the Carolina Classic Fair. This week there were several food competitions at the fair, but on Thursday, the star of the show was beer from Appalachian Mountain Brewery. 

"We have brewery pimento cheese, chili, pork sliders with beer-infused BBQ sauce, beer and apple-spiced wings, shepherd’s pie, and more," I said in an Instagram live about the food competition.

In this particular competition, there were 16 entries. Each judge takes a taste of the dish prepared and scores the dish on how it used the product, the overall flavor, and the appearance. 

The food competition coordinator says each competition features a North Carolina product, which could be honey, pimento cheese, a local soda, and more.

The largest competition at the Carolina Classic is usually the cake competition. At one point, they had 60 entries! As to not overwhelm the judges, each group only taste-tested 30 entries. 

The winner of this contest got to take home a $400 prize, but the Carolina Classic Fair has $225,000 in prize money. 

Want to be a judge or enter a contest for next year? 

421 27th Street NW
Winston-Salem, NC 27105 

(336) 727-2236


All the contests are held at the Special Food Contest Pavilion. 

The schedule for the fair:

WBFJ Heavenly Cake Night -- Oct 8

Ya'll Sauce Co -- Oct 9

Smitty's Fried Apple Pie-- Oct 10

Friday Night Bites - Oct 11

Brasstown Chocolate, I Love Pie-- Oct 12

Main Dish Challenge Recipe-- Oct 13


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