GREENSBORO, N.C. — Two weeks to Black Friday. Part of going out on Black Friday is the thrill of the hunt and getting those great deals. Usually, you wait in line for the store to open and then you flood into the store, racing around hoping to get what you came for.

No more. Not Now. At least, not at Best Buy. There's a new ticket system.

“We only have certain quantities of our deals,” explains a Best Buy spokesman, “We're going to be distributing tickets for items. As you line up outside, we will be asking what items you’re in line for, we will give you a ticket that allows you to claim the item, so you will not walk out of the store without the item you came for, it's a guarantee.”

Yup, you read that right, a guarantee. Now, if you can't even fathom standing in line, the trick is to shop online and get the free in-store pick-up. No standing in line. No wondering if it will be delivered on time or if a porch pirate will get it first!