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Why picking the right pair of sunglasses really matters | 2 Wants to Know

Dr. Rachael Wruble from the North Carolina Optometric Society said wearing polarized and wrapped sunglasses makes a big difference in eye health.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Summer's here, and a bunch of people will start reaching for their sunglasses.

Sunglasses make a big difference in someone's eye health, according to Dr. Rachael Wruble from the North Carolina Optometric Society. She shared all someone needs to know to keep their eyes healthy throughout the summer.

Dr. Wruble said find sunglasses that have UV protection and are polarized. There should be a label on it that says "100% protection against both UVA and UVB" or "100% protection against UV 400." She said the cheaper sunglasses might help your wallet, but they can actually do real damage to your eyes. Dr. Wruble said fake sunglasses can do more harm than not wearing any sunglasses at all.

Dr. Wruble said polarized glasses make a big difference. She said they provide clearer vision, reduce eye strain and let you see the true perception of colors that a regular sunglass lens cannot provide.

Dr. Wruble said wrap-around sunglasses help your vision and help keep your eyes healthy. She said the skin around a person's eyes is very sensitive to sunlight. It's where 10% of skin cancer gets found.

Summer just began, but the start of the school year will come up quicker than any parent or child wants. Dr. Wruble said the American Optometric Association recommends children without any eye issues get their first eye exam at six months. She said the next one should come when they're between 3-5. Assuming no other issues pop up, Dr. Wruble said asymptomatic kids should have an eye exam before 1st grade and at least once every year after.

Dr. Wruble said kids will need more frequent eye visits depending on their condition.

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