GREENSBORO, N.C. — A new poll found women and baby boomers are the best tippers — and men and millennials are the worst!

The survey found women are a lot more likely than men to always tip hairstylists, wait staff, and food delivery people. But among those who tip, women give about a percentage point less than men at restaurants.

They also found boomers are more likely than millennials to always tip restaurant servers, taxi or rideshare drivers, hairstylists, food delivery people, and hotel housekeepers. And when millennials do tip, they typically give 22 percent at restaurants, while boomers usually give 17 percent.

Here are some other interesting takeaways from the poll:

  • Some people always tip. Here's how many people always tip when using the following services. 77% tip the wait staff at a sit-down restaurant, 63% always tip hairdressers, 63% always tip food deliverers, 27% tip hotel housekeepers, 24% tip coffee shop baristas and 49% tip taxi and rideshare drivers.
  • Others never tip. The amount of people who never tip is much lower: 3% tip wait staff at a sit-down restaurant, 9% tip hairdressers, 6% always tip food deliverers, 27% tip hotel housekeepers, 27% tip coffee shop baristas and 14% taxi and rideshare drivers.
  • Some things don’t change much. Among all restaurant diners, the median tip is 18%, which remains the same as when we conducted this survey in 2017 and 2018. Among diners who always leave tips, that median tip rises to 20 percent.
  • Those who have worked for gratuities are better tippers. Twenty-eight percent of U.S. adults have held a job in which they routinely received gratuities, and they tip restaurant servers an average of 22% versus 17% for those who have never worked for tips. They’re also more likely to tip housekeepers, baristas, mail carriers, trash collectors, teachers and childcare providers.
  • Many say “bah humbug” during the holidays. Tipping during the winter holidays used to be common, but not anymore. Many American adults surveyed don’t tip these service people at that time: trash collectors (70%), mail carriers (60%), children’s teachers (47%) and childcare providers (47%).

To see the full survey results, click here