GREENSBORO, N.C. - You know to leave the facets dripping so they don't freeze and burst. But also consider covering up the pipes especially if they are in a cold basement. From under the floors to the ceiling, it's time to turn those fans counter clockwise so they blow warm air down to you.

The biggest thing you can do to help your home right now is to make sure the gutters are cleaned out before any rain and snow comes. Any debris would mean ice can get stuck, weighing the gutters down and possibly ripping them off the house.

As far as the rest of the leaves in your yard: don't worry about raking them. It's best to mow over them at this point. The mulch will help your yard grow better next year.

Also caulk any cracks in your walls to keep the cold and water out.

Finally consider putting up cheap poles to mark where they yard ends and the driveway begins. Seems silly now, but when the snow is covering everything, they keep you from accidently shoveling up a chunk of grass.