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AD CHECK: President Trump oversaw record jobs recovery but ...

Joe Biden's ad blasts Trump's performance on unemployment. To help you make up your own mind, 2 Wants To Know found the facts.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — To check Joe Biden's latest ad, let's take it line by line.

"More than 20 million Americans are out of work struggling to make ends meet," the ad starts.

The ad debuted on June 6. At that point it was true. But today, government records show that number has fallen to 17.8 million people out of work. 

The ad goes on:

"But Trump says: 'Today is probably the greatest comeback in American history.'

He was talking about a June jobs report showing millions were starting to return to work. Trump was right that we saw the largest one month jobs gain since month reports started in 1939.

There was progress made. People did start re-entering the workforce, but more than 17 million people are still out of a job.

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"Trump's botched handling of the coronavirus cost jobs," the ad says.

The only objective way to judge this claim is to compare Trump's performance during coronavirus to leaders of other developed nations. Out of 22 countries, the Brookings Institute found the US had the 4th largest spike in unemployment behind Austria, Canada and Spain.

Now that you know the facts, you can make up your own mind on President Trump's job performance.

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