WHITSETT, NC -- When you're battling a business over a problem, you feel like you're the little guy. And you feel like you have no power at all against the company that does you wrong. But that is just absolutely not true.

This is serious story but the product it revolves around may sound gimmicky. It's a dual-sided, hands-free mirror that hangs around your neck. Gwen Murfree bought it online through Sears.

"It makes it easier to do your hair in the back you know. It kind of hooks around your neck and then your hands are free and you can do whatever you need," says Gwen.

Pretty cool right but the first time Gwen ordered it, the company her a magnifying mirror. She returned it the next day but her $30 refund never showed up on her credit card statement. And she called the company about every other week for almost three months.

When Gwen reached out to us in Call for Action for help, we told her to contest the charge with her credit card company. You typically have 90 days to make the request. Gwen just squeaked in.

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"I knew that was an option but I didn't think about it because I was going to go to the company for the refund. I got the refund within a couple hours from the credit card company," says Gwen.

Now a few quick True or False questions: Gwen could have contested if she'd paid with her debit card.

True and False. If you use your debit card like a credit card, you can contest by law. But if you use it like a debit card - enter your pin number - you don't get the same protections.

True or False: You should just stick your return back in the mail - they'll get it.

False. You want to ship it back using a method that gives you a tracking number. UPS, FEDEX and the post office all give you that option. It's important because you may need to prove the company received it. Just ask Gwen.

"I told him, 'Well you already received it.' And they said, 'Well we don't have it here.' I sent it on the 17th. They got it on the 21st," says Gwen. And her tracking number proves it.

True or False: You can return anything.

False. You have to read the return policy. Some things you just can't bring back – like furniture. Other stores set really short return windows. Gwen only had seven days to get her mirror back. And yes a store can charge you a restocking fee.