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Can You Book Your Vacation With Gift Cards On Expedia?

Nope. But there are REALLY good fake Expedia sites that say you can.

"This could really ruin someones vacation, not to mention  it could ruin their day."

Customers across the country Googling or searching for Expedia's phone number on the internet are being taken for a ride, with fake websites and numbers. 

People in seven states say the fake Expedia call center took them for thousands of dollars they've been saving for vacation.

"They were tricked into these imposter Expedia customer service reps who say our website is down right now," explains a Better Business Bureau investigator. "Then they follow up with, we actually need you to get a green dot money card, and you know where this is going, or a gift card and pay that way."

Gift cards work like cash and are nearly impossible to trace. The BBB  and Expedia are working with search engines and phone companies in an effort to shut down this criminal enterprise down. But like most scams, they'll pop up again with new numbers.Here's the bottom line. 

Bottom line: If someone says you MUST pay for a service or product with a gift card, or Green Dot card, you KNOW it's a scam.