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Can your apartment complex charge you extra to use the pool?

Residents of a Greensboro apartment complex were asked to pay a fee, but their lease never mentioned a fee. 2WTK helped find a solution.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When you see a flier on your car windshield, do you take the time to read it or even think about who put it there?

“I put out over 200 fliers asking my neighbors and community to please ban together,” said Christina Piazza. She lives at Printworks Mill Apartments and was excited about using the new pool which opens Friday, May 28, 2021.

Then she got a message from the complex saying there would be a $60 fee. After talking with fellow residents for a while she says she reached out to management on-site and got responses like “This is the way it is”,  
she wrote up a flier about the charge and asked her fellow residents to ban together and contact 2WTK for help.

They did. 2WTK took a look at the lease and got up with the property management company. In the 10-page lease there is a section about pool info and policies in writing, but there is no mention of a $60 fee.

 POOL: Tenant(s) and its guests will follow all posted rules in the pool area. Tenant(s) is aware no lifeguard is provided at swimming is not recommended alone and is at the Tenant’s own risk. Pool hours are posted and are to be strictly enforced. No glass, pets, or alcoholic beverages are permitted in the pool area. Paper and plastic containers may be used if disposed of property. No littering or trash is to be left anywhere except designated trash bins. A $25 clean up fee will be charged per time to all residents who do not follow the littering or trash rules. Proper swimming attire is required at all times. No running or rough activities allowed. Guests may not use the pool without Tenant being present. Landlord reserves the right to limit number of guests per tenant at any given time. Tenant must notify Landlord any time there is a problem or safety hazard at the pool. Tenant agrees to not block open gate or obstruct access to or from the Pool area.

After calling and emailing the management company, we received this statement:

In light of the resident sentiment that the membership fee was not properly communicated, we have shared with residents that no fee will be required to access the pool for this season.

  –Kendra Bishop, The Alexander Company

“I ran outside and yelled at the top of my lungs, ‘we won’! Everyone will be happy to not be charged $60 to use our pool,” said Piazza.

This is the takeaway for all renters out there, keep a copy of your lease.

It is the legally binding document that proves what your responsibilities are and what their responsibilities are.


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