GREENSBORO, N.C. — Child seats are one of the best ways to keep your kid safe in the car. But here are 3 times you need to get rid of your current car seat. 

One - If it's damaged. Any car accident that has injuries or requires a car to be towed is enough to permanently damage the car seat. But it doesn't have to come from a car accident. Look for cracks, loose parts, and worn straps from day-to-day use. 

Two - When it's expired. Yes, car seats have expiration dates. Check the owners manual or seat label to see when it was built and when it's expired. They usually last about six years. 

Three - Once your kid grows! Once they're a year old or 30 pounds or more they have to a rear-facing convertible seat. 

Those transitions between seats can be tricky. But consumer reports made an easy to use flow chart. Click here to see it.  


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