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Don't ignore this dashboard light, it could lead to a crash

Your tire pressure light may not seem like a big deal, but 600 people die and 33,000 are injured due to crashes from under-inflated tires.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When you see the engine or gas light on your dash, you usually take quick action.

But the tire pressure light. Meh. It can wait a while, right? It doesn't seem as dangerous. But the numbers tell a different story. About 600 people die and 33,000 others are injured every year due to crashes from under-inflated tires

Before the light comes on, you can make sure you have enough air.
First, you need to know how much air your tire should have. You find it right on the car door jam, there's the sticker. Look for the numbers. For example, this one in the story is 30PSI for the front and 29PSI for the back.

Where do you go to get air for your tires and do you need help to do it? Most of the 2WTK co-workers go to the Sheetz stations to fill up their tires.
It's free, but also easy. The machine takes you step-by-step to test and give your tires the air they need.

It's estimated one in six vehicles don't have the right inflation. Again, this can cause crashes, but also wear your tires out faster. Consumer Reports has more info on how and why that works.


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