The car battery is dead. You're by yourself. Been there. Done that.  Chances are a neighbor or passerby could help jump the car.

But, if they didn't know how, would you? Here's a quick lesson:


Connect the red cable to the positive terminal on the dead battery. Take the other red cable and do the same thing on the good battery. 

Connect the black clamp to the negative terminal on the good battery.  But DON'T connect the other end of the black clamp. Instead put it on  an unpainted metal surface anywhere in the engine compartment of the car with the dead battery. This will ground the connection. 

Once that's done, start the booster car and then start the dead car. If the dead car doesn't start immediately, turn them both off, wait a few minutes and then turn them back on. 

Once the dead battery vehicle has been revived,  disconnect the cables in reverse order. And be very careful these are live wires! Don't let them touch each other. 

The lesson is good. Being able to jump start your vehicle without having someone else's help is even better. Deal Boss Matt Granite has a portable jump starter and power station. It's usually $130 dollars but It's on sale today for just $70.