Most of us don't need to program websites and computers. We just need simple things, like wi-fi inside of our own home. Here are some simple fixes to some tech problems you're probably already dealing with.

Let's start with your wi-fi. If you can't connect in certain areas of your home try a wi-fi range extender. It'll push your routers wi-fi signal into places it currently can't reach inside your home.

Admit it, we've all forgotten a password before. So think about a password manager like LastPass. You download the app and it will prompt you to save your passwords whenever you log in somewhere. The app is free unless you decide you want premium features.

Finally, your phone may be a lot newer than your car. But you still may want to listen to your podcasts and music while driving. Try a blue tooth receiver. You plug it into your auxiliary receiver and connect your phone to the signal. Now you can listen to music, use your GPS, and receive calls for a much lower price than a new audio system would cost.