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Allergic to dogs? A girl dog might be the solution you're looking for

Scientists say a protein found in the prostate of a male dog is what makes 1/3 people allergic to dogs sick.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — An allergist in Boston, Massachusetts thinks he may have found a solution for some people who are allergic to dogs.

He says one in three people with dog allergies are only sensitive to a specific protein that's found in the prostate of male dogs. The good news - scientists have created a test to determine if you're sensitive to the protein. If you are, it means you're probably not allergic to female dogs.

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Researchers also say that when male dogs get neutered at a young age, their prostate gland doesn't fully develop, so they don't produce that protein.

It's a new 'leash' on life for dog-loving, allergy sufferers. 

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