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How to keep safe from coronavirus and hackers

Hackers know we're spending more time online. Here's how to outsmart them.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — You know the drill by now. Stay away from crowded places and do more online shopping to stop the spread of coronavirus. However, criminals do some of their best work while we’re online and indoors.

Consumer Reports has some advice for avoiding hackers while avoiding coronavirus.

First, think before you click. There's been a spike in virus-themed phishing emails and messages.
Don't click links or open attachments from people you don't know. Don’t enter your financial information into any website you go to by clicking a link.

Keep your shopping to one or two credit cards. It's easier to spot fraud that way. Even better, use a mobile payment service like Apple or Google pay. It doesn't provide your card number to businesses. It also minimizes your contact with buttons and displays while you're at the store.

Consumer Reports has more information. Click here to read their full article.

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