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Consumer Reports' Highest Rated Video Doorbells

The technology has caught and scared away criminals everywhere. Here are some of the highest rated ones.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Two robbery suspects busted in King, some teenagers caught stealing a rifle in Greensboro, a man caught stealing a power washer. 

What do all these crimes have in common? They were all caught by home security cameras. they can help ward off or catch someone looking to steal from you. And Consumer Reports has a list of some of the highest rated ones. 

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The August Doorbell Cam Pro goes for about $200. It's got 24 hours of free video storage and high marks for video quality and response time. And you can get 15 or 30 days of storage for $3 or $5 a month, respectively.

The Nest doesn't offer any free video storage. But it's got strong response time and video quality. A "nest aware" subscription will get you 24/7 video records, facial recognition, and monitoring zones. That will cost you between $5 dollars and 30 dollars a month. The system costs between $190 and $230.

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Both the ring video doorbells 1 and 2 got good ratings on response time. They both run on a removable rechargeable battery. But the second version has much better video quality. It also has voice control via Amazon Alexa. They also offer ring protect plans that offer 60 days of motion-triggered video clips for $3 or $10 a month.

And then there's the Wisenet SmartCam D1. It requires a hardwired connection. But Consumer Reports says it has superb video quality. It also has premium features like monitoring zones, facial recognition, person detection, and abnormal-sound detection like glass breaking screaming or sirens. It also offers Wisenet SmartCloud Storage Plans that offer 30, 60, or 180 days of motion-triggered video clips. The plans cost $5, $8, $20 a month. The system will cost you about $230.

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