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The link between humidifiers and fighting the flu

Consumer Report looked at why humidifiers may help prevent the spread of the flu and which ones are rated best.

Get your flu shot. Wash your hands. What else? Consumer reports believe a humidifier could be another way to reduce your chances of getting sick.

In lab studies, the flu virus is easily transmitted through the air when humidity is below about 40% to 50%. But the flu is less likely to be transmitted when the air is at or above that 40% to 50% mark. The reason could be that humidity makes the virus particles heavier and faster to fall out of the air after a sick person has breathed coughed or sneezed them into a room.   

One of the top-rated humidifiers is just $30 at CVS. The Air Innovations humidifier comes in next but at a higher price point from $65 to $90.
And also on the recommended list, the Honeywell humidifier for $28.


Consumer Reports also recommends cool mist humidifiers if you have children in the house. The tanks on warm mist devices contain water that’s hot enough to cause burns.