Get your flu shot. Wash your hands. What else? Consumer reports believe a humidifier could be another way to reduce your chances of getting sick.

In lab studies, the flu virus is easily transmitted through the air when humidity is below about 40% to 50%. But the flu is less likely to be transmitted when the air is at or above that 40% to 50% mark. The reason could be that humidity makes the virus particles heavier and faster to fall out of the air after a sick person has breathed coughed or sneezed them into a room.   

One of the top-rated humidifiers is just $30 at CVS. The Air Innovations humidifier comes in next but at a higher price point from $65 to $90.
And also on the recommended list, the Honeywell humidifier for $28.


Consumer Reports also recommends cool mist humidifiers if you have children in the house. The tanks on warm mist devices contain water that’s hot enough to cause burns.