GREENSBORO, N.C. — No one wants to be without heat. But you can't pay someone else's bill for them every month. So, how can you help? How about sparing no more than $1 a month?

Take a look at this. It's my bill. My previous balance was $20, you can tell I used the fireplace last month, anyway my amount due is $63.09 but my payment amount is $64 even. WHAT?!?! I'm enrolled in a program that rounds up the bill-- to help others out.

Share the Warmth, Gift of Warmth, they all do the same thing: they provide others with heat for a minimal sacrifice on my part and yours.

Round up your bill

So, whatever company you have, look for the round-up option.

If they don't offer one or you just want to give a little more, join WFMY and Berico fuels in helping families in Guilford, Alamance, and Rockingham counties through the Gift of Warmth. Since 2006 the program has helped 1,000 families with the average assistance over $230.