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Who would get paid under a second stimulus payment?

Nothing is guaranteed, but here is what would change under the current planned legislation.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A recent Census Bureau survey shows nearly half of American households have taken a serious financial hit during the pandemic. Lawmakers tried to help by giving out stimulus checks. However, many said it was not enough. So, if there's a second round of checks, who would get them?

It's important to know that nothing is guaranteed. It's not clear whether Congress will approve a second stimulus check, but they are considering it.

The HEROES act would provide that money. The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives has passed it and it's in the Republican-led Senate. The issue isn’t exactly partisan as the White House has also agreed with the need for a second round of funding. If approved, analysts say the average household would get about $2,170 dollars.

This bill sets the same income limits as the previous one. That means wealthier people would mostly be excluded. Parents of 17 and 18-year-olds would get an additional $1,200 for each child, for up to 3 children. College students who are claimed as dependents would also qualify for the $1,200 payment. Finally, unlike last time, people married to immigrants would also be eligible for a check.

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