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Evictions aren't happening, but you still need to pay rent

Courts are closed which means evictions aren't happening, but that doesn't mean you can stop paying rent.

Home. Whether that's an apartment, a mobile home, a house or a condo, it’s your area to feel safe and secure. It literally is the roof over your head.

So, what happens if that security is now threatened because you can't pay the rent?

Courts aren't doing evictions proceedings which is a good safety net. But it’s not a get out of paying your rent forever card. You need to talk to your landlord first.

“If you don't pay your rent and don't come up with a plan with your landlord, when the courts reopen, which is June 1st, and that could change, your landlord can go to court to evict you” says Adam Arthur, an attorney with Kirkman attorneys at law.

So, if you can’t pay your full rent, can your landlord still ask for some money?

Yes, because there's no law against it. If you’re able to pay anything now, do it! The more you can give the landlord now, the less you'll owe when this is all over.

Now what if your rent goes up during the coronavirus pandemic? Can landlords raise your rent during this time? Short answer, it all depends on the situation.

Your landlord cannot raise your rent in the middle of a lease agreement. But if you are renewing your lease or you rent month to month, then yes, they can raise your rent.

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