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Could airlines actually be spying on you?

That small camera you see on the monitor in front of you, could be watching your every move.

From laptops to cellphones, even those smart TV's. Just about every piece of technology has a camera on it nowadays. Which means there's a chance you could always be on one.

But what about when your thousands of feet up in the air? Turns out they could soon be there too.

Airbus is now offering a new system on their planes that would allow cameras to see every move you make during a flight. Airbus says it's a way personalize each customers flight.

Sensors will record everything from how long you waited for the bathroom, how long you used it, and even if you're wearing your seat belt during the flight. They will even monitor if there is room in the overhead compartments and how much soap will be left in bathrooms.

All that information gets sent out to flight attendants, so they can better assist passengers on the plane.

But just because there are a bunch of sensors and cameras now, doesn't mean you lose your privacy.

Airbus says that all faces will be blurred, and no personal information will be saved for future flights. Airbus hopes that it will help improve their efficiency and save the airline money along the way.

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