GREENSBORO, N.C. - 71 percent of viewers voting in a WFMY News 2 poll say marijuana should be legalized in North Carolina. And another 17 percent said it should be legal for medical reasons only. 12 percent voted no it should not be legal.

Because of those results, 2 Wants To Know went to lawmakers to find out what they think. We called and e-mailed every lawmaker in the Triad. So far Representative Edwards Hanes, Jr. of Forsyth County says he would support medical marijuana and needs to research more into the idea of recreational use. And Representative Allen McNeill of Moore and Randolph Counties says he is against legalization because of what he saw during his time in law enforcement. And he thinks it sends the wrong message to North Carolina's kids. And Representative Pat Hurley says she is against legalization for public safety and health reasons.

Several attempts have been made before to legalize medical marijuana in North Carolina. Representative Kelly Alexander, Jr. of Mecklenburg County sponsored a few of those efforts. He said it's been tough to get the law passed because of Republican control in the General Assembly. So this year he plans to propose a Constitutional Amendment to allow the people of North Carolina to vote on medical marijuana. That would take a super majority vote just to have it on the ballot. But he thinks Republicans will be on board.

"Because the philosophy of the GOP majority has been to respond to the people, I think we can make a very good case that this is something that because it's been percolating around for a number of years and we done some things on the margins, that this is an issue the people ought to decide. One way or another."

2 Wants To Know is going to keep reaching out to lawmakers and following this story. Make sure to like Ben Briscoe on Facebook so you get all the updates. Facebook: Ben Briscoe WFMY

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