Someone went to a greensboro restaurant Tuesday and paid with two $100 bills. The investigation is still on going, so we don't know if the customer knew the bills were fake or not. 

Here's how it went down. 

The owner of La Bamba Mexican Restaurant says a woman ordered take out, paid with a $100 bill, got the change, and then ordered a second take out order. She paid with another $100 bill and got change. 

She then left without picking up all the food.

The owner says these bills seemed fake because they were made to look like the new $100 bills, but they were extremely wrinkled.  Plus there were no holograms, and they felt rubbery. 

Investigators say you also want to pay attention to the serial numbers to make sure each bill has a diffrent one.

If you recongize the woman in the secuirty footage, please contact police.