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Save even more money on Cyber Monday by using these 4 free tools!

We took Bose headphones from $329 down to $191. Here's how to make sure you're getting the best price...

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Cyber Monday is the biggest shopping day of the year expected to bring in more than $11.6 billion in sales. But you can spend as little as possible by using four  free Chrome browser extensions to make sure you're getting the best price.

Take for example these Bose headphones on sale on Amazon for $229, $100 off the list price. The first question is are they are really a good deal? There's an easy way to tell.

Credit: wfmy

1. Keepa: Is it really on sale?

The Keepa Amazon Price Tracker charts the price history for every item on Amazon. Once you download the item, the price chart shows up underneath every single item you look at on Amazon.

According to Keepa, Amazon offered the same deal on these headphones back in July and October, but it is the lowest price they have every sold for on this site.

Credit: WFMY
Keepa price chart for headphones

2. Honey: Can you buy it cheaper somewhere else?

Okay so that's the lowest price at Amazon. But the internet is a big place. Is there another store selling these cheaper? The Honey extension owned by PalPay can help you! Honey says they save users an average of $126 a year. They will automatically search for coupon codes and they search other sites to see who has the cheapest price.

Credit: wfmy

In the case of the headphones, Honey says Amazon is the cheapest price online.

3. Rakuten: Get cash back!

Rakuten has deals with stores to offer you cash back if you shop through their browser extension. It's free to you. And you get a check in the mail every quarter with the cash back. In the case of the headphones, you could score $34.35 cash back on Cyber Monday. Bringing the total price down ot $194.65.

Credit: WFMY

4. Capital One: Check for credit card benefits!

You scored an ever better deal. You're almost ready to pull the trigger. But first, check to see if you can unlock an even better price with your credit card deals. Most credit cards offer some type of cash back or extra percentages off of  buying certain products. But Capital One Shopping has a browser extension to help make sure you save.

Credit: WFMY

In the case of the headphones, you can get the price down to $191 by using your Capital One card. That's an extar 16 percent off Amazon's sale price and 42 percent off the normal list price!

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