You can watch it over and over, mail bandits on the run, trying to get rid of the evidence, but it's all caught on camera.
Dashcam video tells part of the story. During a 20 mile chase, the car can be seen weaving in and out of traffic and speeding right through red lights and throwing mail out of the window on the highway.

“It wasn't until the third spike strip actually made contact with the tires that it stopped the suspects' vehicle on the freeway,” says K. Martin, a U.S. Postal Inspector.

Police arrested two people, but the real question is how did it all start? Right in front of the post office, at a blue postal box.

Postal inspectors were watching the box due to complaints. The thieves were seen removing mail from the box. Authorities say the couple was "phishing."

“The individuals in this case were looking for checks, credit cards, gift cards and cash. Anything that they could use really fast.”

Inspectors were able to retrieve the mail thrown from the car and returned it to owners.

They also caution consumers to be aware of the times on blue postal boxes. Don't let your mail sit in the box overnight.

“I always suggest that customers walk their mail into the post office whether you are handing it across the counter line or putting it in the inside slot.”