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Is Your Crush Actually A Bot?

Many of those profiles on online dating sites aren't even humans and can cost you money.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — There are so many dating apps out there and a lot of people use them. 

So imagine finding the perfect match only to find out that person isn't a person. It's a bot. 

It's happening a lot more often than you think. Bots are all over the place online, including dating websites.

Now, at least one site is getting called out for it. Match.com has been accused of using bots to trick people into buying subscriptions to meet someone who doesn't exist.

Security firm Imperva says nearly a third of all web traffic in 2016 was bad bots that spread spam or collect personal data for cyber attacks.

Be leery if you meet someone online and they try to quickly push you to move offsite to chat or buy a subscription. It's probably a bot.

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