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Did you miss a delivery? Nope, this is a Greensboro business trying to get your information.

The phone number on the delivery notice claims the business is in Greensboro. But....

Packages on the porch -- it's a common sight. So, when you're told you have a package, but the packages aren't there and a door hanger is, you might be tempted to call.

The door hanger claims you need to call and schedule the delivery of the package. The number is from the Triad’s 336 area code.  

“I was sitting on the couch when I saw this woman through the door window. I opened the door, looked for a package and saw this hanging on the door. I look out the window watched as she walked down the street. No truck and she has a stack of placards just like this take a look at the number on the placard...it's a 336 number.”

The number traces back to a landline in Greensboro with no company name.
Turns out, you're supposed to get some sort of free laundry detergent product. That's the package delivery you missed.

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But is it really free? Consumer experts said they're probably going to sign you up for some sort of recurring billing in order to get that free sample, you'll need to provide some sort of financial info—a credit card, bank account number or something and that's when the charges start.

Is this illegal? No. The Better Business Bureau just calls it a bad business practice.


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