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Is this text real? Some of it is.

It's true, the Wolverine FLL Club did win the lottery, but this text is not going to get you any cash.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — 2 Wants To Know viewer Cathy sent a text and if it was real.
First, let me just say, the scammers are so good, they put just enough real information in their text to throw you off.

The text starts with: Hi, I’m Jake Harris, spokesman for the Wolverine FLL Club.

Jake Harris is actually the spokesperson for the Michigan Lottery, not the Wolverine FLL Club that won the money, but the names are real and they're related.

The group, Wolverine FLL Club is what the group called themselves and they did indeed win a billion dollars in the Mega Millions.

The next part says: The group is donating $100,000 to 500 random individuals and you've been selected. You need to verify your winning by texting a number.

2WTK called it today and it had a taped message about something being wrong with the line. Hmmmm.

The text message ends with a YouTube link, and yes, this link is real. It's from the Michigan Lottery and it's about the group that won this money.

There are just enough real facts to throw you off, but make no mistake, this is a scam. As soon as you Google the words Wolverine and text, you immediately get articles written about how this text is going around and how it is a scam.
Some folks were asked for their social security number, some were asked to pay a delivery fee on the money they won.

Anytime you have to pay money, a fee, give them your bank account information or your social security number to get a prize-- it's a scam. Really.

People just don't randomly text other people and give them money-- no strings attached.


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