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Do This to Save Money While Online Shopping

2 Wants to Know's Ben Briscoe has some advice the next time you go shopping online:

The next time you find something you really want to buy online, add it to your cart and then close out the browser.

Stores don’t like losing your business, so sometimes, if they see you walk away mid purchase, they'll send you a discount in an e-mail. Coupons which you can often use on top of other deals like Black Friday.

The website “ratherbeshopping.com” found at least 17 popular online retailers will send you those extra deals this way. We're talking an extra 15% off of Macy's and Kate Spade, 20% off Crocs and even 25% off Levi’s.

Here's the catch: you have to be logged into the store as a registered customer when you close out the browser.

And it's probably going to take a day or two until you get that coupon in your e-mail, but 25% off is worth the wait.