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Do You Have A Legacy Contact For Your Facebook Page? You Need One.

A legacy contact will allow a friend or loved one to control your Facebook page if you pass away. Without it, Facebook will continue to send out your memory and birthday reminders.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It's bad enough you lost a loved one or friend. But to make it worse, no one can change their Facebook page to read "In Memory Of" and the birthday reminders and memories will continuously pop up in feeds.

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To allow someone to be able to handle your Facebook account if you pass away, you need to set up a Legacy Contact. (This does not allow them to have access to your account before hand and they cannot log onto your account, read your messages or remove any friends or make new friend requests. Facebook details it here.


 If you're on the computer, go to your Facebook page and look for the small arrow on the upper right-hand side. Setting pops up in the menu and when you click on settings it immediately pops up with a lmenu which includes Manage Account.

On your phone,  open the app and look for the menu icon on the bottom  right-hand side of the screen.

Settings>>Scroll down to Facebook Information>>Account Ownership And Control>>Account Memorialization Settings.

You then add a Legacy Contact from your contact list.