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Do You Have To Have A Real ID? No, But.....

The short answer is....no. But if you don't get a Real ID you'll have to carry around another form of ID when you fly or want to get into a federal building.

GREENSBORO, NC -- So. Many. Questions. And so much misinformation.

So how about we set the record straight for you on the Real ID?

Do you have to have it? Why is there a push for it? What does it cost?

Patrice Bethea of the NC DOT is answering those questions for you on 2WTK. The first question is, why is this a thing?

By the year 2020 you will need a Real ID when you fly, even flights within the U.S., when you want to get into a federal building or on a military base.

Do you HAVE to get it? No. But, without the ID you'll have to carry around other forms of ID if you want to fly or do those things. A passport would be a typical ID form you'd have to have with you. So if you don't want to drag around other forms of ID with you everywhere, the Real ID it is.

Here’s what you need to know to get your Real ID:

What are the best times to visit the DMV?

  • Tuesday through Thursday
  • Anytime outside of the lunch timeframe (11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.)

Is an appointment required for a REAL ID?

  • No, but it is recommended to reduce your wait time

How do you know if you need proof of a name change?

  • If your current name does not match your birth certificate or passport
  • This mostly affects anyone that has been married or adopted and given a new name

Do you need a lot of documents to verify who you are?

  • You will need 4-5 documents:
    • One (1) proof of your date of birth, identity, legal presence/lawful status like certified birth certificate, US Passport, or U.S. government document
    • One (1) proof of your full Social Security Number: Social Security card, W-2, 1099 tax form or pay stub
    • One (1) proof of your name: certified marriage license/certificate, divorce decree or court document
    • Two (2) proofs of your current N.C. address: driver license, vehicle registration card, utility bill, cable bill, bank statement, voter registration card
  • Complete list of acceptable documents are online at NCREALID.gov

What happens if someone doesn’t bring their REAL ID documents?

  • They will receive a non-REAL ID that says “Not for Federal Identification”

Will my expiration date change if I get my REAL ID before I renew my license?

  • No, but you can renew it online and the star will remain on your license

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