AUSTIN, Texas — Normally a Texas summer means plenty of sunshine, and too much of that isn't good for your skin.

One product claims it can let you know when enough's enough and you better get inside.

The My Skin Track UV by La Roche Posay is a battery-free sensor that's supposed to measure how much sun exposure you get. All you do is pair it with your smartphone and wear it on your shirt, necklace, even a backpack.

Dr. Ted Lane with Sanova Dermatology says this is the second personalized wearable technology the company has released.

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"This new one kicks it up a notch, because not only does it check into your skin type, it also tells you what the pollen count is, and perhaps if you have sensitive skin it tells you it might be time to put on more moisturizer for example, and it also tells you when it's time to put more sunscreen on," he said.

KVUE reporter Rebeca Trejo is always out somewhere, and on a sunny Texas day she's willing to give the My Skin Track UV a try.

"You can obviously get skin cancer from too much sun," she said.

She fills out her skin tone, skin type and whether she wears sunscreen in the Skin Tracker app. But when she tries to pair the sensor with her phone, there's a problem. It's not compatible with anything below an iPhone 7. Photographer Scott's phone is iPhone X, and she uses his smartphone.

The app also provides real-time humidity updates, and keeps you updated on air quality and pollen.

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For Rebeca's first reading, it says she's gotten 60% of the UV rays she should have so far on a sunny day. But what will it say on a cloudy overcast day?

After spending a rainy day in front of the newsroom windows, the tracker says Rebeca's already up to 21 percent of the UV exposure she needs for the day.

"Now I know the days that I do go out in the sun a lot I really do need to apply sunscreen for sure," she said, "like going to the beach or going outside, and maybe even putting on family members or children and seeing just how much sunlight they're being exposed to. So yeah, I think it was helpful for sure."

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But when it comes to knowing the humidity, pollen and air quality information, Rebeca isn't impressed.

"Just watch KVUE to get this information, okay?" she laughs.

Rebeca gives the My Skin Track UV a thumb in the middle.


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