GREENSBORO, NC -- The American Red Cross tweeted Tuesday morning, “17,000+ people were in shelters overnight” in the Houston area. That number is mind boggling and really, it's just the beginning.

30,000 people could eventually end up in shelters. To put that into perspective, it’s as if the entire Triad town of Thomasville was in a shelter. Just the thought of how to care and comfort an entire town is overwhelming.

Your desire to help whether that be right now or a week from now, should not be taken advantage of. To help you decide which charities you want to give to, 2 Wants to Know's best recommendation is Charity Navigator. The site looks at how charities spend money and rates them on effectiveness. After all, you want to know your money is being used wisely!

There's an entire section on Harvey Relief, including local Texas based charities you can give to as well as a listing of other charities who are responding to the storm. For example, The American Red Cross is on the list. WFMY and our parent company TEGNA have teamed up with the ARC to raise money for Texas Cares.

Let’s use the ARC rating to show you what you're looking for on the Charity Navigator site. No matter what charity you give to, you'll want to know how they spend their money. Charity Navigator makes it easy by putting a pie chart of the charity's financials. An efficient charity spends at least 75% on programs. You see the ARC spends 89%.

Here's one more piece of information, when you give, make sure you can designate your donation is going to Harvey Relief. Without a designation, it can go into the charity’s general fund.