CBS -- This is why you should always buckle up in the back. Dashcam videos demonstrate the risks of riding unbelted.

“When we asked people why they were less likely to buckle up, a quarter of the respondents told us that it's safer in the back seat, so they don't need to buckle up, “ Jessica Jermakian of the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety.

But in this video, the unbelted woman on the left flies across the cab and slams into the window.

Federal crash statistics show passengers in the rear are three times more likely to die if they aren't wearing a seatbelt.

“Even if you're in the back seat, the laws of physics are not suspended. You still need to buckle up in order to get the best protection in a crash.”

That protection extends to others in the car. Crash test videos show an unbuckled dummy flying into the seat in front of it, crushing the driver into the steering wheel. You can see the difference when both dummies are strapped in.

“As more and more people are using ride hailing services and those people are not buckling up at the same rate, we could see more people getting injured and killed in the backseat. “
In all states except New Hampshire, seatbelts are required in the front seats. But 21 states don’t have any law about back seat belts. In NC you must wear seat belts in every position.